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Insasian18 / May 14, 2014
Welcome to Nocturnal
This site is for all things related to Wildstar. General announcements will be listed here. In-depth articles, guides, and builds will be posted on the respective sub-pages within the forum. Please utilize the forums for comments, discussions, suggestions, and questions.

About Nocturnal
Nocturnal is a Semi-Hardcore PvX guild. We will be playing as the Dominions, and our home server is based on Pergo. The guild is formed for anyone looking to run raids at a later (Non-Prime) Hour. We encourage players from all time zones to join us. We will start raiding at 9:30 PST to 12:30 PST from Tuesday to Thursday.

Although we are a competitive guild, we believe that it is also important to be able to have fun while slaying bosses. Group events such as Arena, Raid, or War Plots will be taken seriously, but not to the point of being stressful, or exhausting. We will always maintain a fun and friendly environment while staying competitive for all of our guild events.



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