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Medic DPS guide (steamhawke)
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General Discussion

The Final Countdown!

Holy Shit, I need to play Wildstar right now. I've not played since they first started Open Beta and I'm fiending. 9 more days folks! Strap on your battle rattle, stock up on energy drinks, and as Cartman so eloquently asked for "Bengay" for the w...
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General Discussion

intro myself

Hi Everyone, names Ray.joined recently and hope everyone is good and enjoying their time in nexus Anyways, I have not played much at all since CBT. I am kinda trying to play the least as possible to avoid burn out and overplaying the content too m...
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General Discussion

Recruitment Info

Insasian,I think the default home page should contain recruitment info that you are posting on Reddit etc.That way when people are coming to the page they see something relevant other than the Open Beta is here.Let me know if you need any help.
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General Discussion

Hey made a character on Pergo for open beta, feel free to add me!

The name is Durai.Had to remake because my higher level beta character was on another server, but I'm looking forward to leveling again!
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General Discussion

Reserve your name!

Well, it was a major pain and I had to actually look at the html for a page for the first time in my life, but I was able to successfully reserve "Tusangre." The sad thing is I've never had any issues getting this name in any other game, but I st...
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General Discussion

network errors, anyone?

i got kicked off the game suddenly and upon trying to log back in, i'm given a network errors message saying it's unable to connect. anyone else having similar troubles?
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General Discussion

getting started

hey guys. just hopped on pergo with a new toon. looking forward to getting to know everyone, so make sure you add me and/or drop me a line. till then.
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